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Small house with private garden located in a picturesque seaside village volosko.

Apartman Dorea
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Welcome to the pearl of Croatia ISTRIA

With the view you can encompass the entire richness of diversity, from the snow whiteness of the distant mountains, the ripples of green fields and fields, the plateaus and downs, the undulating areas with vineyards and olive groves, to the blue of the endless sea. The length of the Istrian coast, together with the islands and islets, is 539 kilometers. The west coast of Istria is more indented, and long, along with islands, 327 kilometers. The east coast, together with islets, is 212 kilometers long..


Istria boasts the oldest human artifact found in Croatia, dating back to the Early...


For a breathtaking vacation, explore the beautiful beaches of Istria and its hidden...


Istria has many events throughout the year.